Master UAS and Structural Development

A compact report on the results of the Universities of Applied Sciences Master’s level degree structural development report is avaible in English.

Master’s degree studies in Universities of Applied Sciences as a reformer of expertise and a national educational innovation -report (pdf)

Master’s degrees from Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) 

  • UAS Master’s degree programmes began in 2003. In 2015, there were over 13,000 graduates.
  • The share of Master’s degrees from Universities of Applied Sciences in Finnish Master’s degrees is 13.4 %. By 2020, this figure will be around 15–20 %.
  • UAS Master’s degrees correspond to level 7 on the EQF. They provide the same competence as a Master’s degree from a university.
  • Three years of work experience are required before studies can be started.
  • The education is conducted with blended learning and the degree is usually completed in 1.5–3 years alongside one's work.